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Joyce believes Henry not Dunne

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce is questioning Peter Dunne’s latest account of his meetings with David Henry over the GCSB leak inquiry.

Last Thursday Mr Dunne told “Campbell Live” that Mr Henry had asked for his emails so they could be compared with those of Fairfax journalist Andrea Vance.
Mr Henry has strongly denied that he “used” Ms Vance’s emails even though they were inadvertently delivered to him by the Parliamentary Service.
But speaking on TV3’s “The Nation” Mr Joyce said he believed Mr Henry.

“I’m thinking that Mr Henry has no particular reason to offer a different story,” he said.

“At the end of the day there were two people having a conversation."

“We can all debate what they might have meant, and it's obvious the two of them took different things out of that conversation.”

But Mr Joyce would not commit the Government to an apology to Andrea Vance over the unauthorised release of her emails to Mr Henry.
He said it was over to Prime Minister John Key.

“He's been very clear all the way through that he was not happy that that information was passed on,” he said.

“The reality is the staff involved did exceed their brief by accident in two or three cases, and we know that it was by accident.

“It is important to note and it's not good enough, but the emails weren't read by anybody, so that’s the reality of the situation. 

“But it is I think important that we have clarity, very clear clarity that the media's information within that building should not be supplied.”

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